Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can Walking Conquer All -- Even a Cold?

Let me preface this post by stipulating that there is nothing scientific about the observations that will follow.  Many in the medical field may debunk them. That is fine. I am offering this as purely as the experience of one grizzled walker.

In short, I believe there are times when you can feel the first symptoms of a cold and just will your way and indeed walk you way right through it, knocking the symptoms out.

And I will cheerfully admit there are times that doesn't work. No matter how hard-charging you are, the symptoms progress from throat to nose to chest, and then you should just lie down and call your doctor if the symptoms become severe. There is some sort of rule of thumb (again, not medically approved) about exercising if the cold symptom is above the chest, and ceasing exercise if the crud has moved below the chest.

Viewed hopefully, this morning was one of those knockout moments, I felt a slight soreness in my throat upon awakening. I immediately went to the kitchen and gargled with warm salty water. And then I took Sadie the Superdawg on her usual walk, although with less joie de vivre than usual. It is still unseasonably warm outside (not complaining) and was quite humid along the coast, and I dragged a bit. So did Sadie, who panted pretty heavily. However, for now, the throat is no longer sore and there are no sniffles. I probably should have added hot tea and honey and/or cinnamon to my bodacious attempt at a first-round knockout. I will do that this evening.

Here is hoping that walking will keep any creeping crud at bay. A progress report will come tomorrow -- after another walk, I hope. And I find some solid medical sources on this questions,  I will cite them as well.

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