Monday, January 7, 2013

Not Quite Fast Enough with the Camera

Today, I at least lived up to my resolution to carry my camera with me on all daily walks. You never know in this coastal region when a magnificent photo-op will present itself. Today, just through some shubbery at the edge of a pond, Superdawg and I spotted what may have been a Tricolored Heron. It had an extremely long neck and distinctive markings. Trouble is, this big bird saw us coming and took flight just as I started drawing the camera out of my pocket. What a photo I would have had, either of it foraging at the shoreline or in flight. You have heard of stories about the one that got away, meaning a fish. This is my bird equivalent.

New resolution: Practice being a quicker draw with the camera, fastest Canon in the South, or something.

Monday had started hectic, and this was a refreshing walk. My head is now filled with visions of all the spectacular photos I am going to take this year on our walks with Nature.

I do continue to rely on my trusty walking stick because my left knee basically has zero cartilage remaining. I will devote a separate post to walking sticks, and eventually I will chronicle my knee replacement and rehab from it. No matter what the challenges, I intend to keep walking.

The more I lose weight, the more it will help with my walking. On that front, my scales show me at 262.1 this morning, down from 265 last weekend. I know a sustainable loss is more like 1 pound a week for 52 weeks; nevertheless, I am cheered by this sign of early progress. Tonight, we will dine at a neighborhood Japanese restaurant and stick to salad, seafood or chicken, noodles, and a nice pot of hot tea.

Here is a link to information about the great bird I think we saw this morning. When I succeed in capturing his image on my digital camera, we can ID him with certainty.

© Robert G. Holland 2013

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