Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sneaking in Some Saturday Walking Time

Saturdays can go either way with extent of walk -- a full-day outing devoted mostly to hiking, or a series of short walks worked into a variety of family events. On this April-in-January day with temperatures in the 70s in the Palmetto State, it was a Saturday of variety, thanks to the blessing of having grandkids' basketball games to attend. In the end, I got in a short woodsy walk with Superdawg, some walking to and from the basketball games, and (most improbably on this gorgeous day), a mall walk in the process of doing some errands.

Mall-walking is something seniors typically do to avoid extremes in hot and cold and inclement weather, so today was an accidental discovery. Usually, I find the hard floors to be tough on my stenotic back and gimpy knee. I use a medical cane to lean on as needed. However, today for some reason, it was smooth going and I felt as though I could do many laps of the mall with little pain. I believe that is a result of having lost 10 pounds since last September and 3 since New Year's Day. Each pound shed means a little less pressure on the stressed back and knee.

 I believe keeping a journal via blog helps me stay conscientious about walks plus extra exercise plus sensible eating, though I confess I have finished the day by being a total couch potato watching two NFL playoff games. Anyway, if my experiences help inspire others -- whether seniors or juniors -- so much the better.

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