Sunday, January 20, 2013

There Will Be Days Not so Bright and Happy

Actually, today was bright but the walking wasn't particularly happy. It was the day my left knee went beyond gimpy and started to hurt with each step I took -- more than it has ever hurt. It felt like bone was rubbing against bone, which probably was the case because orthopedists have told me I have essentially zero cartilage remaining in that knee. I did manage to take my son's dog to the park so he could romp, but the rest of the day I lounged in my recliner watching the two NFL championship games (won by the Ravens and the 'Niners) and probably snacked more than I should have. So it wasn't a happy day in terms of being proudly active.

Perhaps before long, I should go see the orthopedist again and ask him about the possibility of a knee replacement. Meanwhile, I will keep writing about overcoming challenges and staying on the road despite pain. If I have to do the surgery at some point, I will blog about the experience, and then what it takes to rehab and return to the trail. Despite my unhappy day, I am determined to stay the course.

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  1. Keep the chin up. Good days will outnumber bad days by far.


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