Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Naked Cowboy and Boogie-Woogie Dawg Weather the Storm

I should have known our luck would run out.

Several times during this rainy spell, Superdawg and I have gambled that a drizzle would not turn into a downpour while we were out on a long walk.

Today we lost our bet.

Heavy rain had come in torrents all morning, but it was raining only lightly when we set out. The pace of precipitation steadily increased until we were fully engaged with a frog-strangling torrent about a half-mile out.

Rain gear? No, I was not wearing any rain gear. I don't own any rain gear. Neither does Superdawg. The only umbrella I ever see around the house has a sign on it that says, "Big Mama's Liberty of London umbrella. Take it and I will hurt you bad." (That's the implied message, anyway.)

As we were becoming soaked to the skin, I remembered what I had written a few weeks back about the joy of walking in the rain. I really meant a summer rain, but it was in the 50s today -- not too bad. So I just started laughing while slogging. We must have been quite a sight: an old man and a senior dawg limp-skipping along in the middle of a squall, carefree as could be. Gene Kelly and his yellow lab, "Singin' in the Rain."en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singin'_in_the_Rain

When we got back to the front door, we had a problem. We couldn't just drip, drip, drip through the living room. So I called to Big Mama, "Could you throw us  few towels?" Alas, she was in a trance watching her soap operas, and didn't look up. So I left Superdawg on the porch, stripped down naked (well, almost), retrieved some towels and a hair dryer from the bathroom, then tried to corner Superdawg. She was fine with the towels, but wanted no part of the dryer.

After I had been wrestling about 10 minutes with Old Wet Yellow, Big Mama looked up during a commercial break and asked, "Can I do something for you?"

"No, dear, just watch your show."

The moral of the story: Walk anyway. Superdawg and I feel refreshed now. Nice hot shower. All combed out (after Sadie self-dried by doing the wet doggie boogie-woogie shake-it-off move several times). A good nap would be wonderful now.

Oh, and as soon as Naked  Cowboy and the Boogie-Woogie Shake-it-Down Dawg stepped in the house, the sun broke through the clouds.

© Robert G. Holland 2013

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