Saturday, March 2, 2013

Days When You Can Celebrate Victories Made Possible by Staying Active

Here is the latest entry of the Diary of the Seventy-Something Who Hates Naps. It comes courtesy of my Weight Watchers scales.

Pounds lost since New Year's Day, 2013:  


Even though I can only walk limited distances pending my knee replacement next month, I believe the act of walking every day has helped me achieve this progress. In addition, writing about walking, and such related joys as birdwatching, has done wonders for my mental state. I plan to continue to record my journey.

Of course, improving upon one's eating habits is essential, too. My perennial downfall has been late-night snacking. I believe the discipline of maintaining this blog helps me think before I snack. Sensible snacks, such as a handful of peanuts or a stalk of celery with a little peanut butter spread, are fine. I must avoid the baked, high-carbohydrate goodies.

Today was the kind of day that makes you realize the benefit of an old guy's staying mobile by staying active. After a quick walk of Superdawg, the Missus and I drove to grandson Grayson's soccer game several miles away in the boonies. It is a physical feat at our ages to keep up with the kids' sports. There is a bag of extra water and snacks plus a couple of lawn chairs to lug, and the fields are usually a good hike away from the parking lot. Daily walking helps prepare you to handle such a burden so you can experience the joy of grandkids' sports.

Grayson's team of kids 8 and under achieved a 2-2 tie with a team of 10-year-olds. Meanwhile, his older sister Hannah, playing on a travel team, played to not one but two 1-1 ties in Charleston against a team that had wiped them out a year ago. I understand Hannah drilled a shot on goal in the final minute that missed going in by inches. It would have been the game-winner.

Oh well, in soccer a tie often equals a win. In fact, I'd say just being out there, running up and down the field, learning a sport and appreciating the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship, makes winners of all the kids. And the grandparents have their own victories to celebrate by just managing to get out of bed and show up.

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