Monday, March 4, 2013

Sleep-Deprived by Knee, Overloaded with Minutiae

Today will be a short entry. I barely slept at all last night because my knee was aching. At least that cleared up any lingering doubts as to whether surgical replacement is the right course.

Superdawg insisted on the long route down the woodsy trail to the big lake this morning. We saw a lot of activity on the water -- ducks, some gnatcatchers, and (I think) even some Loggerhead Shrikes. But I hobbled back home without lingering, because I had errands to run, lots of them.

The first of every year is like an obstacle course with tax-filing deadline as the most formidable barrier. But there are many other items of business, including renewal of insurance (separate flood insurance is critical here), annual termite inspection and general insect spraying, servicing of the heat pump, and the list goes on and on. Because my retiree health plan expired due to a corporate buyout, we also had to completely re-do our health insurance and prescription coverage. Believe me, that is plenty nerve-wracking.

Okay, give me some cheese to go with my whine. A good walk certainly helps relieve the stress. And it will help all the more when (1) I have a new knee and (2) April 15 has passed along with all the other stressful deadlines.

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