Monday, April 29, 2013

In Anticipation of a Real Walk

Oh to experience the joy again of a carefree walk in the outdoors. I guess one must be patient. After all, only three weeks ago, I was just coming out of my total knee replacement and couldn't even move my leg because of the temporary nerve block to reduce pain. A walk the day after was a few halting steps in he hospital room spotted by a staff therapist.

Now I have graduated from a walker to a cane, and much to the delight of my wife, can even drive to the mall and walk a few stores. Today, I began out-patient PT and if i do well at that, maybe I will be able to take unaided walks of some distance in 6-8 weeks. I know I have missed the blogging, too. I intended to make more entries from hospital, but ultimately this blog is about the boundless joy of walking. It is worth fighting to get back there and to exceed the old limits.


  1. Bob, I can only imagine how distant a carefree stroll must seem. Don't let today's reality overwhelm the promise of better days ahead. Embrace hope.

  2. What a very kind and thoughtful comment -- thank you so much. I need to keep all in perspective, too.I couldn't even lift my leg for days after surgery, and I could only hobble a few feet with a walker. Now I am using a cane, and can even do without it for short stretches. I need to work toward continued incremental progress with the goal of eventual full mobility (and carefree walks).


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