Monday, May 20, 2013

Passed the Stairs Test Today

Man, the PT worked me hard today. I learned that my orthopedic surgeon calls down regularly to inquire about my knee-flexing and strength numbers, and to insist on further progress. Yes, it is good that he wants to be sure that this fancy hardware he installed in place of my worn-out knee will work well. But wow I have been exhausted after some of these workouts lately. I go back to see the doc for a 6-week evaluation Friday, and the PTs clearly want to be sure he will be happy with their work. Could the Redskins trainers possibly be working RG3 any harder than I am getting worked?

The good news is we met goal after goal today: Finally, while on my back, I was able to flatten the backside of my new knee completely to the mat, a good sign of flexibility. We did leg lifts with much heavier weights attached to my leg. I was able to endure a heavy ice pack wrapped around my knee for the full 10 minutes.

Most heartening was the stairs test.

We went out into a corridor leading to a steep set of stairs. I had attempted zero stairs since the April 9 surgery. These looked imposing. But I went right up them, one leg after the other, right up and back down, and repeating several times. My knee had gotten so bad before surgery that I had to take one step with the "good" leg and then drag the "bad" leg up to meet it. And here I am walking up a challenging set of  stairs using both legs equally.

Here was a clear indication that my bionic knee is strong and getting stronger. Perhaps I'll nickname it The Knee of Steel.

The inside betting is that my jock doc nevertheless will give me four more weeks of therapy. What further tests lie ahead, I wonder. Certainly, I look forward to being cleared to swim in the neighborhood pool. It is starting to look very inviting, and oh so much more relaxing than knee PT, essential though it is.

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