Monday, June 24, 2013

When Summer Turns on the Spigots, or Opens the Sun Roof

When your weather outlook day after day begins to resemble that of a rain forest, taking a walk becomes more of an adventure than usual.

Yesterday, Superdawg and I set off on a misty morning -- ignoring the dark, billowing clouds on the horizon. As we turned around at the halfway point, the mist turned to a drizzle. A few hundred more yards, drizzle became a steady rain, and finally a downpour. By the time we got home, we were drenched, but happy -- two old dogs rejuvenated by Nature. It would be wonderful to have cooling moisture at the end of every summer jaunt.

Today, we started on an overcast day that didn't feel terribly hot (though it was humid). I didn't even bother to put on my sunglasses. Again, drastic change began to occur at the halfway point. The sun came out from behind that formation of white and black puffy clouds, and stayed out. Sadie and I "like to have" melted by the time we got home. I missed my sunglasses for sure.

We certainly prefer the sprinkles to the scorcher as far as summer walks go. However, either way, the steamy tropical conditions add a touch of mystery to the start of every walk. It is certainly preferable to the so-called "dog days" (Sadie begs to differ with the description) of late summer, when one stinking 95-or even 100-degree day follows another, without any relief in sight.

I am happy to report that Sadie has perked up and is even begging for a walk every morning again. But as we get into those dog days, I may have to walk her at 5 a.m. to keep us both from melting away into a fire-ant hill. Since I am a night owl, maybe I could just stay up all night, take our walk in the predawn darkness, and then take a shower and hit the sack upon our return. Nice thought, but somehow I don't think our Big Mama would go for this plan. Somehow I'll have to go to bed early in order to get up for a walk before daybreak.

After our hot walk this morning, I put my replaced knee to an additional test by going on a three-hour solo excursion to Sam's Club, Pet-Smart, and Food Lion to re-stock the household. After walking all those aisles (and there is a lot of territory in Sam's), I had to complete eight round-trips from car to house and garage to carry in all the supplies, including a 40-pound bag of bird seed. I think I can safely skip (for today) the knee exercises my PT gave me, but I do need to do the icing. The knee feels great, actually.

It will be wonderful when we can do three-mile (or longer) walks on the beach again!

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