Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Setting Goals: The Best Exercise of All?

When you're kind of down in a bog (and day after day of oppressive mid-summer humidity tends to put me there), setting goals offers a good way out and up. In fact, goal-setting might be the best exercise of all.

Today, I decided to set up my local Mended Hearts chapter to enter a team in the 20th annual Heart Walk coming up here in the Grand Strand on October 12. In case you don't know, Mended Hearts is an organization of folks who've survived all manner of heart surgeries and who lend their support to people who are just confronting their own heart surgeries. We are a rather lively bunch.

Participants in the Heart Walk can choose to walk one-mile or three-mile courses. I am choosing 3 as a test of my new bionic knee. This goal will infuse me with purpose when Superdawg and I set out on some sticky August morning when it's really not so much fun to walk. I don't want to over-extend sweet old Sadie, so I probably will need to get in some solo training walks, too.

October is just a fun month for a walker to think about. Breathable air, a little frost on the pumpkin. So getting to that cool month, and doing athletic things in it, is a good goal.

Oh, by the way, months ago I signed up to captain another walking team during October -- the local Walk to End Alzheimer's on October 26. So this October will be a delightfully busy month. I am determined to accomplish all my goals.

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