Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Reader on High Pouring Down Rain on This Blog?

After my paean yesterday to the unqualified joys of incessant rain, this morning was like a hymn I shall dub, "Just a Wetter Walk With Thee." While refraining from making an official claim of having divine readership of this blog, I must say it seemed like the Big Guy Upstairs was either testing my affection for rain, or letting me have it for being too giddy a fan and one insufficiently attuned to the peril Noah faced.

Just as Superdawg was getting psyched for a good walk, we noticed that the sky was clearing and the sun was shining steadily. After driving to a shady recreational area to avoid the steamy sidewalks, we set out for a good hike around the ponds and observed just a silver of dark clouds perhaps coming off the ocean but against a backdrop of 85 percent clear skies. No sweat -- how much moisture could such a tiny cloud hold even if we were walking in a humidity bath?

Well, it started to rain . . . and rain . . . and RAIN --- harder, and harder, and harder. How was this possible? The sun was shining all the while, and that wisp of a cloud didn't even seem to be directly overhead anymore. We were getting drenched. Finally, Superdawg grew so disgusted with rain and the rain lover holding her leash that she tugged us to the car to go home -- an almost unprecedented throwing-in-of-the-towel for her.

So it was that I drove home in a car saturated with the aroma of wet dog fur (no fault of Superdawg's of course).

Before fleeing the deluge, I noticed a candidate for the new State Plant of South Carolina: The Toadstool (or is it a Mushroom)? They are sprouting everywhere in the super-saturated turf. Maybe that is a visual for tomorrow after research on the difference between toadstools (bad) and mushrooms (good). Meanwhile, the weather forecast is for a diminishing chance of showers from slender silvers of renegade clouds and then starting Saturday, low humidity and virtually zero chance of rain for the next five days.

That's except for wherever we happen to be walking, of course. Actually, since tomorrow is the first day of school, I think I will take advantage of the deserted community pool to give my bionic knee some fine aqua therapy.

© Robert G. Holland

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