Monday, August 26, 2013

Batting .750 on a Fall Day in August


If there is one thing more delightful than autumn, it is an autumn-like day in August. What a welcome respite from oppressive humidity we are receiving for at least  a few days this last week of August.

It has been such an invigorating day that I have come close to maxing out my workout plan on this Monday.

A bit of background:

After I finished physical therapy for my knee replacement (TKA) in June, I decided on four types of exercise routines, and further that I would do at least two of the four every day. I have stuck to that plan pretty well, except for a couple of days when I did so much walking I decided to leave it at that.

The four routines are:

(1) The stretching and strengthening exercises my physical therapist taught me to do for the next six months on my own. They are pretty rigorous.

(2) My regular walk of Superdawg, stretching it out now to 1.5 to 2 miles per day.

(3) A brisk half-hour on a stationary bicycle.


(4) At least 45 minutes of jogging, kicking, and stretching in the community pool.

Today, I've done three of the four -- actually doubling up on the walking with Mended Hearts visits at the hospital followed by a brisk walk of Superdawg; then the PT exercises, and finally a refreshing pool workout. I could have thrown in the x-bike, but thought that might be overdoing it, given that my non-TKA knee has started aching when I walk hard surfaces extra distance. And why add pain after coming out of the pool with everything feeling good?

For certain, I am not seeking a second knee replacement. I am hoping the pool workouts and PT exercises will keep the non-TKA knee happy when I captain my Mended Hearts team in the 3-mile Heart Walk this October.

October -- the very sound of that month excites me. Days just like today but about 10 to 15 degrees cooler would be heavenly. Maybe I'll be going 4 for 4 on my rehab at-bats by then.

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