Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lesson of the Day: Go to the Pool Early!

Just a brief note: It was a pretty good day. I took the Mended Hearts visits at the hospital this morning, standing in for one of our visitors who is herself ailing. That meant lots of walking on the long, hard hospital corridors. In addition, I took the stairs and practiced my climbing technique as my physical therapist taught me. When I got home, Superdawg still wanted her walk, although it was getting hot and humid again (ugh!) after a few days of fall-like weather. So we struggled through one in the most tree-shaded areas we could find.

Much of midday was consumed by household errands, so I didn't get to the community pool for aqua therapy until late afternoon. By then, the older kids had come home from school and I had to dodge bodies leaping into the lap lanes with a big ker-splash and beach balls being tossed all over the place. That was not conducive to peaceful contemplation and a focus on low-impact exercise in the water.

So my one lesson learned today: Make time to go to the pool during school hours, while the only folks there are young moms and their preschoolers in the shallow end or the baby pool. Sweet solitude makes exercise all the more refreshing.

Okay, that's it for today. After doing my knee PT exercises, I am off to bed. I am tired, beat, done. I hope to get some rest and have a few coherent thoughts to offer tomorrow.

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