Friday, September 6, 2013

Balance Follows Blessed Relief From Humidity

Today, finally, a "cold front" moved in and eased the humidity that had been oppressing the sovereign state of South Carolina. I couldn't take advantage immediately because I had to take the Missus to some medical appointments; however, I got in an unheard-of afternoon walk of Superdawg (though it was still a little too hot for her tastes).

Next, I went to the community pool and for a full hour I jogged forward and backwards and did all sorts of aqua calisthenics before the befuddled few souls who luxuriated in lawn chairs or floated on inner-tube thingies in the pool. Not meaning to be smug, but I often wonder why so many adults just lie poolside like beached whales instead of jumping in and moving around, splashing like kids, and enjoying the feel of limbs exerting gently against the water. Oh well, whatever floats individual boats; I'm not going to advocate a regulation to make everyone do cannonballs into the pool. If that happened, there would be less room for me to practice my gyrations.

Tonight, I still feel pleasantly fatigued by this burst of sustained exercise. I should sleep well tonight.

Another realization struck me tonight: Despite the high humidity earlier in the week, I have gotten into a good day-to-day rotation of exercise.  One day, a walk and a brisk pedaling on the exercise bike: the next day, the daily walk plus the blessedly liberating aqua therapy at a palm-tree-lined pool. I have followed that alternating pattern all this week. I should strive to keep it up.

One thing I haven't done lately is the knee-replacement exercises my physical therapist prescribed for me. Truth to tell, they are getting a little boring, five months post-surgery. Also, in my defense, my PT Eric told me that on days I am doing a lot of other physical activity, I can just set them aside. Still, I fear I am getting a little lazy in this regard. They add some conditioning value from which I could benefit. So I am ending my blogpost right now and going to the workout room to do them.

Someday soon, with continued pleasant temperatures, Superdawg and I also will add long beach walks into the mix. We will bring a camera along.

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