Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Walking Sticks in Line for October's Walks

Today has been packed with activity -- some of it on the trail with Superdawg, some of it on an exercise bike in the workout room, but even more hours online getting everything in order for the great fall treks.

The most fun was going to the Whistle Creek website and selecting handsome new walking sticks for my wife Allyne and myself. We mutually decided that we would give each other a country walking stick for our 47th wedding anniversary fast approaching. (Okay, gals, there will be a few other gifts involved; I'm not making my DW settle for a mere stick, exquisite though it may be).

Dear Wife selected a sturdy Hickory stick with a leather strap and finely crafted handle. Good choice. When it was my turn, I could not resist the somewhat more pricey Sassafras country walking stick with a brass knob that is actually a decorative hame tip from a horse collar. I have had my eyes on it for months.  

Something about Sassafras takes me back to my country days when we lived at the Shiloh battlefield in western Tennessee and I rode my bicycle two miles down country roads to visit my best friends practically every day. We rode the farm horses, picked cotton in season, and found a great many Civil War minieballs as well as Indian arrowheads. Somehow Sassafras was in play, because this handsome Whistle Creek stick reminds me of those days. (Was it Sassafras tea? -- that rings a bell. I need to take a refresher course on making that.) Anyway, I can hardly wait to have it in my hands.

I also spent time on the computer getting my Mended Hearts team in line for the annual Heart Walk in October. As Team Captain, I proudly added DW to the team. She should have her fine Hickory stick by then and intends to shoot for completing the one-mile segment, an amazing goal for a gal who has overcome a major stroke. With Sassafras in hand, I intend to test my bionic knee from the replacement surgery of last April by completing the full three miles. With cooler weather moving in this weekend, I need to do some longer walks for training purposes.

Next we need to find a simple umbrella stand or something of the sort to hold our growing collection of walking sticks. Ordering them today put me in a good mood. What more useful reminder to keeping moving in the senior years could there be than a fine stand of walking or hiking sticks in the foyer ready to be grasped and put to the test in the great outdoors?

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