Sunday, September 8, 2013

Testing the Beach, Preparing for Fall Walks

Late this morning, I decided Superdawg and I would try a little beach walking now that the beaches are open to canines, post-Labor Day. She was very excited as we approached the beach access and then walked down to the shore. We walked several hundred yards, and paid our respects to some other walking dogs and their masters; however, the temperatures were quickly rising, and sweet old Sadie became tuckered out. We retreated to a shady shelter and had a nice chat with another regular walker who  happened by. I shared my Deer Park bottled water with my companionable dog.

It won't be long before the temperatures are down in the 50s, and we will beach-walk for miles and deeply inhale the sea breezes before we rest. A bonus: the sandy surface feels great for continued rehab of the bionic knee. Life is good.

                                                              © Robert G. Holland

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