Friday, September 20, 2013

The Pace of Life Quickens With Start of Autumn

Autumn begins Sunday, but it already feels like we've got the dog days in the rear view mirror, and are proceeding full throttle. Any thought I ever had about semi-retirement being a quiet or boring time has gone by the wayside. And that's positive, on the whole. But this week has been a blur. I haven't had time to update this blog for a few days, and I always hate that.

My DW is no longer able to drive a car, so I've transported her to club meetings from one end of the Grand Strand to another this week. I had my own meeting with the board members of Mended Hearts today and got an enthusiastic reception to my idea of funding a scholarship at an area technical college for a future nurse interested in specializing in cardiac rehabilitation.

Tomorrow morning I must choose between participating in a neighborhood walk-a-thon for the benefit of Meals on Wheels or going to my granddaughter's soccer match. I think I will opt for the soccer but I will drop off a donation for Meals on Wheels before departing. I could use the walk-a-thon as training for the coming Heart Walk, but Superdawg and I will do our own route later.

As if enough wasn't going on, my grandkids, DIL, and son rescued a stray dog in hopes of finding its owner. The poor thing gives every indication of being a castoff -- apparently blind, hearing poor, hobbled, old. One thing my wife and I did right was rear our children to love and care for animals. I don't know what the ultimate disposition will be of "Luci" (as the grandkids have already named her) -- maybe the Humane Society will be called upon but the chances of adoption wouldn't seem to be great. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I have felt very sleepy by late afternoon/early evenings the past few days. But before I go surfing in search of some additional medical syndrome on the Internet, I probably should consider this possibility: I need to slow down and get more sleep. Good night.

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