Friday, November 15, 2013

Sometimes Life Throws Good Intentions for a Loss

Life keeps messing with my good intentions.

I intend to blog here every day about something off the beaten trail, or, okay, on the well-trod pathway: something beautiful, something inspiring, something scenic, something out in the great big natural world. Birds and blue skies, whitecaps on the ocean, dolphins, sandpipers, bright red-capped birds, those underwater fishing birds, snowy egrets, the butterfly house at Brookgreen, visiting hummingbirds, resident mockingbirds, raccoons climbing the bird feeder, and much more.

Sure, Superdawg and I walk almost every day, but there is not always time to linger, to shoot wildlife with a camera, or even just to take a deep breath.

You see, I neglected to fall into "retirement" under a golden umbrella. Maybe I should have gone to Law School after all. I still need to work doing what I do, which is write items for the daily press. The extra income helps, and probably it's for the best if I continue to have the discipline that a deadline imposes. Still, I wonder what it would be like to walk and roam and explore and write about whatever came to mind all day long. Would I end up with a yarn, even a novel? Or would it be a work of non-fiction about how to age gracefully (not that I yet have the secret)?

I also began the year intending to lose weight. I've always been the heaviest guy -- the heaviest on the football team, the heaviest entered in the neighborhood "fun run," the heaviest gathered 'round our family table. That may never change but I thought losing 10 pounds would be a reasonable goal.

This summer, I was down 7 for the year. Yay me! I thought I was well on the way to achieving my goal. Then I was sabotaged (or did I sabotage myself?) -- a succession of birthdays and anniversaries hit, bringing frequent trips to the bakery. Octoberfest arrived. Delicious food from endless buffets beckoned. Suddenly, my loss for 2013 was back down to zero. Ouch.

Sometimes I think what the heck, I am an older guy (an elder!) and I should just eat whatever I want to eat, and forget about the scales. But that is not a healthy way to go. I need at least to be trying to make the effort to shed a few, always.

So life gets in the way of the best intentions. But that's not really a cause for grousing.  After all, it is a blessing to have life. We should do the best we can with it. And enjoy all that we can get out of it, even when times are hectic.

                                                                   © Robert G. Holland  2013

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