Friday, February 14, 2014

And So the Bird Count Begins

Here is my first report for the worldwide Great Backyard Bird Count from a blessedly sunny Valentine's morning:

Mourning Dove -- 5

Carolina Chickadee -- 3

Red-Breasted Nuthatch -- 1

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet -- 1

American Robin -- 7

Pine Warbler -- 2

Eastern Towhee -- 2

Chipping Sparrow -- 3

Field Sparrow -- 4

Northern Cardinal -- 2

American Goldfinch -- 1

After being socked with a devastating ice storm that has knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of folks in this region, it sure was refreshing to see a bunch of plump Robins hopping around the yard. Maybe they know better than any stupid groundhog that Spring is just around the corner.

Okay, now Superdawg and I are going for a walk and see how many other birds we can spot -- maybe some water birds, surely some hawks, maybe a territorial Mockingbird or two.

© Robert G. Holland  2014


  1. Pretty fair number of birds, Bob.

  2. Yep, saw few on our walk -- really, only a few hawks and a crow. All the rest were hanging out at our feeders evidently.


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