Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wintertime Treat: Dogwalking on the Beach

Tomorrow will bring another downturn in the roller-coaster of this winter's weather: a 25-degree drop from today's highs, and a cold rain. So today, the Superdawg and I decided, would be a splendid day for a beach walk.

We really ought to make this our morning walk whenever we can. Between now and May 1, dogs on a leash are permitted on the beach at any hour. On that date, more or less the beginning of tourist season, dogs are welcome on the beach only before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Sadie started getting excited a few miles from our usual beach access point. Once on the beach, she is not a brisk walker, preferring to do a lot of sniffing and adopting the pace of an elderly lady. But we both enjoyed the fresh air and the feel of sand underfoot (or underpaw). It was a nice change of pace from our frequent walks around neighborhood ponds.

There was nothing special in today's outing in terms of unusual shorebirds, or dolphins, or flying fish, or tourists slathered in suntan oil. Nor did we find $10 million worth of buried gold coins as did the dog-walking couple in Northern California. But of course every chance to watch the ocean waves and take in the salt breezes is special in itself. As you can see from this photo above, we had the beach just about to ourselves. Solitude is nice sometimes.

                                           © Robert G. Holland

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