Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March On to April

March is named for the Roman god of war, and sure enough this year it ambushed us at every turn. On top of the usual aggravation of putting productive pursuits aside in order to prepare tax returns, our family has had repeat visits to area emergency rooms and assorted other burdens to bear. The overriding blessing is that March brought the birth of another precious grandson, Brooks, who is doing well. (The picture of his big sister and big brother beaming with pride as a nurse presents him at the hospital nursery is worth a million of my words!) Finally, those of us elders who have been coping with illnesses are on the mend, and the joy associated with the miracle of birth no doubt has been a tonic.

Through it all, Superdawg and I have continued to walk almost every day, though our outings have been rushed and weighted with too many worries to leave room for much enjoyment. However, gradually we will be getting back into the full appreciation of Nature on our walks, some of them on beaches that will still be uncrowded for a few more weeks.

We have seen some of our regulars, such as the Double-Crested Cormorant perched on a landing in the middle of the pond waiting for fish to enter its preying sphere, the Mockingbird making a cacophonous racket, and a pair of white swans gracefully sailing the large lake at the senior health center. The Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are expected back any day now, and I must remember to put out some sugar water for them. But the prettiest sight I have seen lately was a large Cardinal (the male redbird in his brightest feather) peeking through our cedar trees out back. These birds are welcome reminders that April will bring a lot of colorful delights after a rather rough March.

                                                      © Robert G. Holland

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