Thursday, June 26, 2014

What Summertime Adventures Are in Store?

As I look out the back window with the sun setting after another scorching day, I see a mourning dove perched on our metal bird bath that I have just cleaned and filled with fresh water. The dove looks around tentatively as if to see if anyone is spying, and then bobs its beak into the water for a long refreshing drink. And then another. Birds badly need fresh water sources during the long hot summer. I need to remember to do this chore daily.

Summertime and the living is … well, not always easy. If it were, I would be watching Nature every waking hour, both seated and on the daily walk with Superdawg, and then blogging about what I observe. But life is complicated and not always so leisurely, even in what society calls retirement. So unfortunately, once again too many days have passed since I last updated this blog. Can the Fourth of July almost be here? Yes, it can, and I must take some good pictures of the red, white, and blue. (Go, USA men's soccer!) We are also almost one month into the 2014 hurricane season, but if a big one has our name on it, we won't hang around to take photos. We will load up and go…where? Hmmm, maybe back to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Living so close to the ocean is a blessing, but actual sojourns on the beach have to be rationed with advancing years. One of my diabetes meds plainly warns, "Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun with this medicine." From that, I gather it would not be a good idea to lay out, slathered in oil, on the sandy beaches. Walks with some protection of shade trees I am counting as okay, fine, and dandy. The ocean is there to appreciate though, and I need soon to take my dear wife to the finest seafood restaurant on the Strand, where you can watch the waves roll in while dining on perfectly prepared fresh fish and fixins'.

Not moaning about this, but with the privilege of living into the senior years comes the necessity of seeing a lot of different doctors regularly. My little black book that in my bachelor years was filled with bachelorettes' names and phone numbers now list general practitioners, cardiologists, hematologists, orthopedists, and other medical specialists. Diabetes is the beast that you really have to watch out for, and keep under control. Earlier this month, my eye doc, who has been watching for this for years, thought he detected some diabetic damage occurring to one of my eyes. Some corrective surgery may be coming in a year or two. Meanwhile, my GP switched me from one diabetes medicine to another for fear the old one may have been causing dry mouth, which is complicating my dental health. Dry mouth was really bothersome this morning, so I got a consultation with my dentist who gave me a prescription toothpaste to help with the condition. I didn't even know such a thing existed. And so it goes with the "D" beast being at the center of just about every aspect of health -- eyes, teeth, cardio-vascular system, feet . . . .

While writing this, I hear the patter of  raindrops on the patio, steadily increasing in tempo. I run out to be sure the car windows are closed, and come back drenched as the rain turns tropical, blessedly providing a little break from the stifling humidity, Now that I am back at the keyboard, old Superdawg is curled up under my feet, just in case some thunder and lightning might be on the way. Thunderstorms, firecrackers, and bitin' flies are her summertime terrors (and now right on cue, I hear the Broadway at the Beach fireworks going off as is custom every summer's night). But just Sadie being ensconced  between me and the Macbook is a reminder of how sweet life is, and why I ought to sign off for tonight right now.

Besides, I have a humidifier to set up to help control the nighttime dry mouth.

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