Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adjusting -- and Moving Forward

Well, here is the intrepid walking team -- Superdawg, my trusty Hawthorn walking stick, and me the Cardinals/Volunteers fan -- after a blessedly long walk on a brisk, somewhat cold day in mid-November. Do Volunteer orange and Redbird red match or clash? Whatever, they are both near and dear to my heart.

I say "blessed" because walking has been painfully difficult lately, first with the return of spinal-stenosis symptoms and then, mysteriously, the migration of pain over to the left hip and down the left leg. And I mean a sharp pain in the ass -- no wonder we give disagreeable people such a tag. Another round of physical therapy didn't help nearly as much as the PT I had in Northern Virginia 10 years ago. Of course, that no doubt is more a result of a decade of further body ravage than any reflection on PT, which  I believe in strongly.

Finally, I have given in to the pleadings of Dear Wife and Dear Daughter-in-Law and gone to a local chiropractor (Dr. Scott at The Practice) who had helped them both with his spinal evaluations and adjustments. After my x-rays and work-ups, I am approved for 30 adjustments, and a couple dozen sessions of various supplemental forms of therapy. After just a few adjustments, I noticed changes, mostly in the form of pain migrating from one place to another, as the Doc said it would. Then I had fair to bad walking days. However, in the past two days, I have discovered if I slow down my walking gait, strive to eliminate any limp or wobble, and lean forward on my sturdy Hawthorn every block or so, my walking is much smoother with far less pain. We have had good long walks the past two days -- one on a balmy day in the 70s, today's in the 40s.

While stretching forward and leaning on my walking stick, I sometimes wiggle my mid-section back and forth, which must be quite a sight for anyone looking out their windows or passing by.  No question it would be a more pleasing spectacle if someone, male or female, from a national aerobics championship team or maybe Dancing With the Stars was doing the twisting. Anyway, weird as it must look, it seems to help.

To bring weight down (which also should help), I have signed up with Spark People, a delightful Website where you can track your eating and exercise, make new friends, and read or watch many informative presentations about fitness. It is a fun place -- and it is free.

In short, I hope soon to be writing much more about interesting birds and other critters Superdawg and I spot on our walks, as well as various kinds of walking sticks, and less about my encounters with the healing arts.

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