Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Blessings Overcome the Craziness

It has been hard to keep up the dawg-and-Nature walking this December. One day we did relish the sight of multiple water-and-wading birds at a pond where usually only one double-crested cormorant hangs out. Among the most spectacular were a great blue heron, snowy egrets, wood storks, and a large assortment of ducks. Our local (Sun News) bird columnist, Gary Phillips, has written of numerous duck species among our winter visitors, including blue-winged teal, Northern shoveler, bufflehead, and hooded and red-crested mergansers.

I can only hope one day to have the bird-watching acumen to identify all these beautiful birds.

It's been all I can do to give Superdawg some proper walks because a lot of my time has been spent going back and forth to the hospital and rehabilitation center. My dear wife suffered a terrible fall December 11, fracturing her shoulder. After a 9-day stint spent in a local rehab center in hopes that a "cuff-and-collar" sling and exercise somehow could exert healing power, her orthopedist has decided that surgery now offers the best shot at restoring functionality to her left arm. After looking at the x-rays in his office, it would be hard to disagree.

Happily, we did get to bring Big Mama home Christmas morning to enjoy the blessings of family with grandkids, dogs, presents, prayer, and feasting. I will do my best to be a reliable nurse for her until next Tuesday when she is scheduled for surgery. It has been a more stressful Christmas than normal, but one during which the joy of family and the season of eternal love shone through nonetheless. We are blessed.

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