Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016: In Praise of Steadfastness

I avoid New Year's Resolutions, which tend to be discarded like chewing-gum wrappers. However, I did name this blog steadfastdawgwalker for a reason. There is virtue in doing something worthwhile well and sticking to it. A Cambridge dictionary definition of steadfast is "staying the same for a long time; not changing or losing purpose." Actually, I would quibble with that. We can remain resolute but, even as we do that, we necessarily change in some way. Circumstances change. We adjust.

Staying the course is how I view steadfastness, not staying the same -- remaining unwavering in our determination.

This is my 300th post since launching steadfastdawgwalker the first of January 2013. Have I remained steadfast? Certainly I was with my dogwalking before losing my beloved Sadie at age 15 last August. Now I am adjusting to occasional walks with much younger, stronger Dasher the grand-dog while looking into other senior fitness options (such as swimming) as well. But as to the blog itself, I have slowed from daily posts three years ago, to perhaps weekly ones of late. I believe that my verbosity may have hindered my blogging steadfastness. I tend to write 2,500 words about a subject when 250 would make the point just as well, if not better. That makes it hard to find time for blogging (which I love) amid all the other daily responsibilities.

So this is not a New Year's Resolution, but rather a new Declaration of Steadfastness: I will budget a half-hour a day to blog about my thought of the day along this course I strive to stay. I will keep it brief and to the point (which for me will mark a real change). I will write about family and fitness, Nature and dogs -- mostly things that make me happy and keep me going. (Update on this final day of January 2016: Wow, okay, steadfastness is tough! I have the blessing of being able to double my free-lance writing this year, so with deadlines to meet, it is hard to take daily blog breaks. I think my production on both fronts -- recreational and professional -- has been pretty good, but I've had to call audibles like Peyton Manning. Omaha! Omaha!)

Happy resolute New Year!

© Robert G. Holland  2016

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