Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Having a Best Friend for Life -- Priceless

Since the passing of our dear sweet Sadiedog last August, I have weighed the pros and cons of bringing a new permanent canine resident into our home. (Granddog Dasher of course comes and goes, and is welcome anytime.)

There are two sides to the question.

Going without a dog means you do save some money -- for vets' examinations, vaccinations, meds, food, treats, bedding, grooming, perhaps occasional boarding, toys, harnesses, leashes, and (if you have a retriever) whole buckets of tennis balls.

Also when you are out of the house at a ballgame or shopping or a social event, you don't have to worry about returning home before the poor dog is bouncing up and down by the back door needing to find relief.

The other side tugs more powerfully on your emotions. We miss returning home and not seeing a sweet doggie face in the window waiting to greet us. And surely no other of God's creatures can stage a more enthusiastic greeting. We miss a dog in the kitchen anticipating a tasty treat, and a dog poking around the Christmas or birthday presents. We miss a dog peacefully slumbering in a day bed. And I miss having a daily walking companion.

As for expense, the unconditional love of your best friend has a value that is beyond dollars-and-cents calculation. Some folks truly cannot afford the cost of pet care, but others may budget for the addition of a good dog to the family. In my case, eating fewer Big Macs and drinking fewer lattes might create a doggie fund - and I'd be better off with reductions like those anyway.

So we are weighing all these considerations, and more. Maybe we will have a decision and some news before long.

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