Thursday, June 9, 2016

In Search of a Summer Retreat

It hardly seems possible that we have already had brush-bys from two tropical storms -- Bonnie and Colin -- just nine days into the 2016 hurricane season, which lasts through November. Neither storm made much impact on the northeastern South Carolina coast -- a few inches of rain, some light breezes. And the weather experts tell us that early tropical stirring doesn't necessarily mean a run of heavy storms later this summer and fall. But you have to wonder.

For now, the storms actually have brought refreshing breaks in the muggy weather. Yesterday and today have favored us with low humidity, bright blue skies, and temperatures in the low 80s. The heat index was a few degrees below the actual temperature, which happens rarely here in the subtropics.

Knowing that high humidity and heat will build back in tomorrow, we headed to the Murrells Inlet marshwalk and to nearby Brookgreen Gardens for an outing today. Brookgreen is a 9,100-acre preserve of sculpture art, history, and Nature that is one of my favorite places on Earth. Today, I discovered a spot with benches and plenty of shade, and thought to myself that this would be a fine place to take a break from the long, hot summer that looms. Wish I could bring Ellie dawg, too, but she would want to hunt all the critters that inhabit Brookgreen's forests, and that wouldn't do. (Besides, dogs are not permitted at the Gardens.) She will have to settle for the nearest A-C vent and beg me for a walk when I return home.

                                                © Robert G. Holland

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