Monday, May 1, 2017

The Merry Month of May

("The Merry Month of May" is the title of a poem by Englishman Thomas Dekker, and was used as part of his play, "The Shoemaker's Holiday," first performed in 1599. Wow!)

May's arrival means a big increase in traffic in a beach resort area like Myrtle Beach, and then the Bike Weeks bring the thundering sound of motorcycles pretty much 24/7. That is when I turn up the bluegrass on iTunes full blast and just forget about it.

Otherwise, May does bring plenty of pre-summer joy. The birds are active. One morning we saw a Cedar Waxwing on its back flailing away as though in its death throes. Ellie, my companionable walking dog, wanted to get it in her jaws and put it out of its misery. Knowing for certain we couldn't attempt to rescue the bird for that reason (among others), I tugged Ellie to go a different direction; however, she pulled us back to check on the sad scene. Amazingly, the pretty little bird had righted itself and was taking flight. Perhaps it had been momentarily stunned from crashing into a fence. I don't know. Was just glad the story had a happy ending.

Meanwhile, I am hoping for another good outcome just up the road where a Canada Goose is nesting on pine needles just a few feet from a busy entrance road to the Kroger's shopping center. This seems to be a regular Spring ritual. I fret about this mama and her eggs, hoping that no one will disrupt this peaceful scene of life renewing. And so far, in previous Springs, the mama goose gets her goslings out on the pond to learn survival skills amid all the nearby commerce.

As for me, I am trying to hang in there with senior fitness instruction -- started with February, stayed with it, and first session of May comes tomorrow morning. It is a much-needed supplement to dawgwalking, which is really a leisurely pursuit when you get right down to it. Led by a skilled instructor, I feel muscles and joints being pushed that haven't been exercised in many years. Now comes the big decision: To take the class for June, July, and August, you have to sign up for the whole block as opposed to just a month.  I am going to make the commitment. It is all about strengthening the core, and improving overall balance, strength, and flexibility. I need all those improvements. Meanwhile, daily dawgwalking will continue.

Have a merry May!

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