Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walking in Thick Air

A blessing on this morning's dawgwalk is that we had cloud cover to protect us from the scorching sun. Indeed, dark clouds heading our way off the ocean looked to have potential for delivering a cloudburst, which we would have welcomed. At 9 a.m., the temperature was 83F, but the humidity was 80 percent -- giving us a "feel like" temperature of 92. It is probably headed for 100 this afternoon. And just as was the case on last evening's walk, the air was still; scarcely a breeze detected.

This is pretty much the norm for a July along coastal Carolina. When we get them, sea breezes are heavenly refreshment.

About that evening walk. The Junkyard Dawg lately has decided that one walk a day will not suffice. When we first rescued 7-year-old Ellie from a shelter in January 2016, we enthusiastically took morning and evening walks, and pounds just dropped off me. My cardiologist was impressed. But then we cut back to just a morning walk, and Elliedawg seemed content with that. By then we had a backyard fence and she could play out there in the evening. However now -- in July! -- she has started lobbying heavily for another walk after dinner, using those sad retriever eyes to stare me down and wagging her tail in eager anticipation, sending the clear message: "Let's go, old man." I thought I had rescued a senior dog, but she's very energetic -- and that's a good thing.

So I have started giving in this week. Maybe I will re-lose those pounds that I lost before, and my cardiologist will be happy again. Probably the extra walking is a good complement to the twice-a-week core fitness class I have been taking since February at the local recreation center. My terrific instructor even called me a "Rockstar" yesterday for my ability to execute and hold a proper plank. Could be this septuagenarian still has muscle memory from drill sergeants commanding him to give them 75 pushups in basic training back in the day. Okay, not likely. More likely, my loyal dog has given me the gift of staying power.

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