Thursday, January 4, 2018

Rockin' It Out with Exercise on Icy Day

Alas, one among a multitude of events cancelled today because of the Bomb-Blast Cyclonic Snow Catastrophe of the Millennium (okay, make that just a 1 to 4 inch snow/ice storm) was our senior Core Fitness class. Guess they didn't want us codgers slip-sliding in the parking-lot-turned-skating-rink and busting our heads open.

Actually, I don't want to be an ice victim either, which is why for the second day I have stayed indoors and not walked my senior dawg, Ellie, who is plenty pissed off about it. She gives me no credit for spending almost 3 grand to have a nice backyard fence built so she can romp and play and take care of business when two-mile walks in hurricanes or snow cataclysms are not advisable.

So instead I have been trying some exercises from a spectacularly illustrated book, "Healthy Heart" (Moseley Road, Inc., 2017), I picked up at a book grab for a few bucks. Its 192 pages have useful advice about diet and lifestyle and such, but the bulk of the volume consists of full-color pictures of svelte ("hot") models (both female and male) showing how to do a big boatload of indoor exercises. Some of them are comparable to those our instructor leads us in doing in senior fitness.

Thus on this iced-in day I have been contemplating doing these maneuvers:

Alternating sit-ups, backward ball stretches, bear crawls, bicycle crunches, bottoms-up kettleball cleans, burpees (actually, no way!), butt kicks (I deserve a few of those for being such a twit), chair abdominal crunches, chair-plie's (those ballet classes from my boyhood are really paying off now), chair poses, chair squats, clamshell series, crossover step-ups, curling step-and-raises, diagnonal reaches,  double kettleball snatches,  diver's push-ups...

Plus: four-count overheads, front planks with leg-lifts, high knees, hip-to-thigh stretches, ilotibial (huh?) band stretches, inchworms, inverted leg extensions, knee raises with lateral extension, lateral bounding, lateral-extension lateral lunges, lateral bounding, lateral-extension reverse lunges, lateral lunges, lateral step-and-curls, lateral step-downs, lateral step-overs, latissimus dorsi (huh?) stretches, leg-extension chair dips, lemon squeezers (lemonade, anyone?), lunge with dumbbell upright row, mountain climbers, plank knee pull-in and extend, power punch, power squat, push-ups (did a lot of those in basic training at Fort Gordon, Ga. 55 years ago), push-up walkouts (a snap!), reach-and-twist walking lunge, reverse lunge...

Plus: Roll-ups (aren't those a candy?), roll-up triceps lifts, scissors, seated Russian twist (have the feds investigated this one?), side bends, side-bend plank, shoulder bridge, shoulder drill, side kick, side-lying knee bends, single-leg balance, single-leg circles, skater's lunge, speed skater, spine twist, squat trust, stair jump, step-ups, Swiss ball bridges, Swiss ball pike, Swiss ball push-ups (I actually can those those quite well), tiny steps (those, too!), towel fly, T-stabilization, Turkish get-ups (would rather have some Turkish coffee), up-downs (and all arounds?), and walking lunges.

That's about it!

Okay, how many of these do you think I have done? If you guessed that I have only studied how the models twist their ultra-fit bodies into all those shapes, you are correct. However, I plan to pick out 10 to do each day until our core fitness class resumes next week. That is, if I don't conclude that just reading about these kinds of exercises is more comfortable than actually doing them.

                                                              © Robert Gray Holland (2018)

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