Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Snowy Day on the Coast

Midnight draws near and we're finally getting some ground-covering snow in our little corner of the Grand Strand.

It has been an unusual day in coastal Carolina, to say the least. Snowy weather doesn't come to visit us very often in the subtropics. The last measurable snow, in the winter of 2009-2010, totaled two inches. The grandkids and the dogs played in it all morning, and by the afternoon it was gone. A polite Southern snow -- said please, thank-you, and "may we make a snowman before I must depart"?

Following much fanfare on The Weather Channel, this storm (which TWC named Grayson, though perhaps not intentionally in my grandson's honor) started late in morning as freezing rain and sleet. At our humble abode, we continued to get the hard pellets and icing, with only occasional scenic snow showers.

Snow and Ice and Sand Do Mix
Now it is snowing, but it is supposed to be out of here in a few hours as the storm heads up the coast for bigger hits -- blizzard conditions in Norfolk maybe?!

Here looks like we will get maybe an inch of snow on top of the ice. Other spots south and west of us have received more snow -- reportedly 3 to 5 inches. The weather experts said we had pockets of drier air around here that suppressed our snow. Am I a little disappointed? Sure.

Looks to be plenty treacherous outside, though. There have been dozens of traffic accidents, hundreds statewide. The kids have a second extension of their Christmas holiday tomorrow. Maybe Grayson, the Storm King, will get some creds with his peers for these snow days.

Dawgwalking? It has been indefinitely suspended. Temperatures aren't supposed to get far above freezing until the first of next week, and I have no intention of risking a hard fall on ice. Thank goodness we got our backyard fenced so the dawgs have a place to take breaks without disappearing into the wintry wilderness. They don't want to stay out long, though.

Okay, I enjoy the excitement of storm warnings on the radio and the anticipation of what's coming. And with extra time on my hands, I have gotten caught up on my writing while looking out the back window between paragraphs.

Still, I am now counting the days until baseball's Spring Training begins.

Play ball!

                                            © Robert Gray Holland (2018)

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