Monday, June 4, 2018

Count Your Blessings -- And Act on Them!

Wow, nothing like a core circuit-training class by Sarah the middle of a Monday morning to clear out the cobwebs and help you think more clearly!

We went from station to station (a dozen or so) doing all sorts of exercises with stability balls, weights, bars, a bosu (strange little squishy step-on thingie), stretching bands, some long cord/band with a name I haven't learned yet, and of course planks. It was a super workout, and now I don't feel sorry for myself as I did in writing yesterday's blogpost (which you can find right below this one, if you enjoy reading blogged whining).

I bet the nice lady who wanted to walk my dawg for me out of fear I would fall on my face would be shocked if she saw some of the moves I did (however imperfectly) in class this morning. Rather than being defensive or Mr. Wounded Feelings, however, I have a fresh perspective on everything now. Let's call it blessings-based.

First, it is a blessing to now have a neighborhood friend whom I can call on to walk Elliedawg if I have the flu or a bad cold or whatever. No way am I going to just turn over Ellie to someone else when I am able to walk. But it is good to have a willing backup. So now I am grateful for the nice lady's offer.

Second, it is a blessing to have such a variety of senior fitness opportunities in our community. In assessing what's best for me, it all starts with Sarah's core fitness instruction. It is the, well, core of everything in the body of exercise. But now because I've been motivated to reassess fitness in the senior years, I am thinking of ways to add on that would be good for the back and the heart and the knees.

Our community pool opens at 9 a.m., before kiddies have taken it over. Why not on days in between Core Fitness sessions go down there and do some gentle jogging and stretching in the water? That would provide a little extra exercise, but maybe even more important, some muscle relaxation and recovery as well. So my summer schedule can alternate core-fit and pool-aerobics days, with Ellie on the schedule every day for walking at dusk, when the sun is not broiling us to a crisp. Come autumn, we can adjust to take advantage of another enormous blessing: The availability of miles of beaches for wonderful ocean walks, after the peak tourist season and when the weather is cool, crisp, and invigorating.

The Good Lord places so many opportunities in front of us. We just need to wake up and recognize them and then act on them. And of course be eternally grateful for His beneficence.

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