Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A February Stroll on the Beach

A few blocks away, the Junkyard Dawg aka Ellie Mae got all excited. She knew we were near the beach. Her original "master" -- uh, human companion -- must have taken her to the ocean often. Shame on me for not doing it more often, settling instead for neighborhood strolls. After all, the great Atlantic Ocean is only a 7-minute drive away.

So Miss Ellie, our rescue angel for the past four years, got some sand in her paws, and tried to bark another retriever off the sandy shores. She thinks no other dawgs have a right to go on a walk.

Take me to the Beach -- Now!
Got to do this a lot during February, barring any ice storms, because beach access is still wide open to all and free 'til March 1 when the city's $2-an-hour rip-off parking fee goes into effect, lasting 'til November. Personally, I think this municipal money-grubbing is short-sighted and counter-productive. How much more welcoming Myrtle Beach would seem in visitors' eyes were beach access to be devoid of parking meters!

And of course when the parking fees go into effect, there will be other venues to explore -- North Myrtle Beach, for instance.

All in all, a February stroll on the beach is quite refreshing. Next time, though, this old man needs to remember to bring a jacket. It may be 65F in the neighborhood, but the ocean breezes drop the real-feel quite a bit.

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