Thursday, February 20, 2020

Breaking Out of February Doldrums

It is 02/20/2020. Let's be happy, shall we?

I know this February is a bit of a downer.

There is politics. Less said, the better. At least on this politics-free blog.

There is rain. And rain. And rain. And flooding, such as the major inundation in Jackson, Mississippi.

And snow -- in the Carolinas tonight! A local TV reporter spoke of a bad 4-letter word, meaning snow. No. The bad one is 3-letter: Ice. That's the one that causes falls and crackups. Be careful!

For my part, this February brings a nice transition -- from the conclusion of 36 sessions of cardiac rehabilitation to the return to senior fitness class at our local core fitness club.

I was a regular in Sarah Parker's class for close to three years until last spring when medical imaging showed that I had a dangerously large aortic aneurysm, a prime candidate for rupturing. So I had to suspend class in order to prepare for surgery and have the surgery at UNC/Chapel Hill and recover and rehab from it -- all of which separated me from the best fitness class I have ever had. For close to 10 months I was a no-show - and, boy, did I miss this class!

So yesterday, 02/19, I returned -- and what a welcome I received! -- from our teacher and from the guys and gals in the class. Many of them have had their own major health challenges: open-heart surgeries, hip/shoulder/knee replacements, and other medical adventures that come along during our life journeys. But on this day, they made me feel special. How fulfilling it is when you find out you were missed and you are welcomed back with open arms.

Sarah, who has had extensive training in senior fitness, guides us through 50 minutes of exercises geared to improving strength, flexibility, and balance. We laugh a good bit, too, while modifying exercises to our own capabilities at any particular time. And laughter is maybe the best medicine of all.

So for me this February is about a joyful comeback. Exercise makes me happy. I wish happiness for all this February even when days are gloomy.

© Robert Gray Holland  2020

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