Tuesday, February 11, 2020

February -- "Why Can't You Be True?"

A good sign that this was not a normal February day came when my Junkyard Dawg balked at my idea of taking an afternoon walk. (I needed a calorie burn after chowing down at Mama Jean's, a Little River eatery that serves up delicious country cookin' aplenty.) Elliedawg hunkered down on the sofa and gave me a "go away old man!" stare. However, when I rattled the leash by the front door, she finally ambled over, though without enthusiasm.

Before departing, I checked with Alexa, my authority on the weather and much else. She said the temp at 2 p.m. was 77F. So wow, way above average for the dead of winter, even in South Carolina. So maybe my dawg is smarter than I am? Could be. Anyway, we did a slow lap around a big complex of baseball/soccer fields and Ellie wanted to turn around at the halfway mark and go back, but that didn't make any sense to me. So we slogged on, sweatin' and pantin'.

Anyway, The Weather Channel (TWC) is tracking the latest winter storm as it heads east, and when those cold winds clash with our unseasonably hot air, some major thunderstorms will break our February heat wave and have us in no time leaving trickles running in faucets to prevent them from freezing up overnight. That's the norm we expect from February, though granted it can be a fickle month. (Think of those candy hearts you never got from your grade-school crush.)

Meanwhile, what's with TWC's uninspired naming of winter storms? The latest is Mabel, a perfectly fine name but not one to conjure visions of wild weather ahead. How about, instead, Chuck Berry's "Mabellene." I mean (to quote a few of the lyrics), "Mabellene, why can't you be true?...You've started back doing the things you used to do." Or fire up Waylon Jennings lament about Lucille: "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille...." Or The Oak Ridge Boys "Elvira": "My heart's on fire for Elvira...." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVY93pWazks

Come to think of it, if I had golden oldies like those in my ear, I could get fired up for walking even on a hot afternoon in February. My senior dawg -- maybe not so much.

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