Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Pedaling Through a Pandemic

It is hard to stay a course with great cheer during this Year of the Pandemic that is trying on so many fronts. On top of that, as I write this, we are socked in with what is shaping up to a week's worth of off-and-on tropical downpours. Nevertheless, let us power on and think good thoughts.

I am deriving some joy from a new fitness gadget I found on the Internet: a "Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical." Caught my attention with the declaration that it came "fully assembled," a plus for a Dad who spent many a Christmas Eve struggling to help Santa put toys together. And indeed it did come completely assembled, and tightly packed so as to keep all parts intact:  Pedal-ready right out of the box. As the name suggests, you can place it under your desk and get in a little pedaling exercise while you do things like update your social media. However, even more ideal, I find, is syncing with a lift recliner like the one I purchased for recovery after my open-heart surgery last September.

The lift will take you up high so you can stand up without having to put any strain on your arms. I found the upright position the perfect angle for pedaling the portable (25-pound) elliptical. For a little upper-body work at the same time I use some stretch bands that physical therapists have gifted me over the years. 

Obviously this is far from a complete fitness program; however, it is a nice supplement to my daily dogwalking, and something that can be done at home when Covid-19 still makes visits to gyms problematic. I might get a recumbent exercise bike, too, but this mini-elliptical doesn't hog space like an x-bike does. You can find this gadget and others like it on Amazon, if you're interested. The company is Sunny Health and Fitness.

Below is a selfie of my grizzled legs grinding away on the elliptical, from an upright position in the lift recliner.

This little gizmo also has an exercise computer that gives you: speed, time, distance, and calories. And there is easy-to-use knob to adjust tension.

During stay-at-home recommendations (or orders), I see many adults, even of my advanced age, out pedaling bicycles on the neighborhood streets. Good for them! However, my own preference for outdoor exercise is walking. I can enjoy the sights and sounds more that way than if having to worry about being blindsided by a kid riding a motor scooter recklessly or an inattentive motorist failing to give space to pedalers. And my senior dog likes me to walk her.

May you find your own rays of sunshine in these rather gloomy times. And stay safe.

© Robert Gray Holland  2020

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