Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Walk With Summer, Waiting for Winter's Return

It is exciting to watch big weather changes start to roll in as you walk.

When we started this morning's jaunt, the sky was almost cloudless and the temperature was rising again into the 70s. But there were a few dark clouds on the horizon to the west, evidently the leading edge of a huge winter storm that has spread snow throughout parts of the Deep South.

 It adds a little pep to your step to sense that you and your companionable dog are witnesses to big or even drastic weather changes. By afternoon, low-hanging wispy clouds had started rolling up the coast at a high rate of speed; then came the dark storm clouds, with heavy rain by nightfall. Overnight, temperatures are forecast to drop steadily.

Farther north, cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, and Roanoke and Richmond, were receiving anywhere from a few to several inches of snow. No snow is expected here in coastal South Carolina, and indeed it is expected to be sunny with temps in the high 40s tomorrow. With the addition of a warm jacket or sweatshirt, it will be another fine day for walking. However, I will confess to being a little jealous of old friends up in Virginia who will be able to crunch snow underfoot on their walks. Of course, for their part, they might like to be taking a hike on the beach, and to heck with any snow and ice.

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