Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Beach Walk of the New Year

About a mile before we hit Ocean Boulevard, ol' Superdawg becomes very excited. She knows we are going for a beach walk, one of her favorite things to do.

It was quite pleasant this morning -- partly sunny, temperatures in the 50s. I easily could have worn shorts instead of jeans. As the photo accompanying this shows, January is quite a contrast with July in terms of people per square foot. It is wall-to-wall people in mid-summer, but there were just scattered souls at the beach this morning. One was using a metal detector, several were walking solo or in pairs, and there were a few fellow dawgwalkers. And that was it -- for miles.

This is prime beach walking time for two seniors like Superdawg (a 12-year-old yellow lab) and me. We aren't terribly fond of 115 heat index days.

Mountain walking was a challenge to us a few years ago, when we lived just a mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beach walking presents its own challenges if you want to navigate the soft sand up near the dunes (staying off those of course, for conservation purposes), or if you want to break into a little jog on the packed-in sand near the ocean. Sadie got so enthusiastic after we have been walking a half-hour that she broke into a little happy prance, and begged me to let her off the leash and to throw a ball to her.

And I could have done that, had I thought to bring a ball. Duh, bad on me! Next time I will, Superdawg, and it will be soon, I promise. I feel the exhilaration of a beach walk right along with you.

© Robert G. Holland 2013


  1. A walk along the beach sounds lovely. When we've taken winter vacations, with either the Atlantic or Gulf coast as our destination, a daily walk in the surf serves to burn the vacation calories.

  2. I agree. Some days we walk wooded trails, circling lakes and ponds (which are abundant here). And some days we just settle for the neighborhood sidewalks. But walking sand and surf is always a special treat.


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