Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picking Up Stakes, Settling Down, Moving Again

Thank goodness for grandkids. Besides being joys to be around, they provide plenty of opportunity to keep moving and stay active. Today, we went to a grandson's basketball game in late morning, and a granddaughter's basketball game in late afternoon. Depending on the season, we also have walked many miles going to and from grandkids' soccer matches, and also to and from baseball and softball games. At many athletic complexes, it is a long hike from the parking lot to the field on which your child or grandchild is playing.

Not a hint of childhood obesity applies to these kiddos, and to the extent we grands try to stay up with them, we wage our own battles against elder obesity.

Walking is about more than just having solitary walks with no particular destination (as refreshing as such daily walks are). Becoming part of community life can help you keep moving (bearing in mind Satchel Paige's admonition: "Don't look back; something might be gaining on you.") Volunteering often can entail legwork in helping an organization perform its good works. I certainly have found that to be the case as a Mended Hearts volunteer visiting heart patients at a local hospital. Some days, I actually log more miles in those hard, polished hospital corridors and going up and down the stairs (I don't do elevators) than in my typical outdoor walk.

All sorts of other volunteer activities can keep you moving. Community centers and Ys need men and women to coach youth teams or officiate games. You could be a volunteer at a local school, perhaps in the library or cafeteria, and be assured of staying very busy. Of course, many other volunteering opportunities can be found through churches, Friends of the Library organizations, book clubs, arts and craft guilds, and other worthy organizations. Some of those activities may keep you pretty still; however, remember that it is important to exercise both the mind and the body as we age. Sometimes you can give both a good workout simultaneously.

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