Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Rainy Day, But the Scales Bring Cheer

Saturday brought a second day of rain -- indeed enough to wash out baseball and soccer tournaments and send thousands scurrying to the Grand Strand's restaurants and shopping centers. We are supposed to get a break Sunday with sunny skies and temps in the 60s, but Monday will kick off another two-day spell of rain.

Again picking our spots, Superdawg and I managed to find a time to walk when nothing but a light mist was falling. I know I wrote earlier about the joy of walking in the ran; however, that is not so much the case in a cold rain. I have no desire to fight off hypothermia.

The walk was a needed break in a frenetic schedule. Ever think about how much government does to drain the joy out of the start of a new year with the dreaded deadline for preparing and filing taxes? I still need to start amassing receipts and adding up columns of numbers. That's one reason tonight's post will be short.

As much as I might have been inclined to sulk, my Weight Watchers scales brought me out of my funk with a nice surprise this morning: a 2.7-pound loss over the past week. That makes minus 4.9 pounds for the year. Kudos (and an extra biscuit) to Superdawg for keeping me on the trail. The more I lose prior to the April surgery, the better it will be for beginning rehab with a bionic knee. And the better that rehab goes, the better our chances of enjoying some nice, longer walks the Spring.

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