Monday, February 25, 2013

Better a Walk That Is Squeezed in Than No Walk At All

Not every day can be filled with sightings of swans and bluebirds while on a long, leisurely walk. Today was one of those days when Superdawg was lucky to get any walk at all.

First, there was my Mended Hearts responsibility to visit heart patients at the hospital. That actually involved a good bit of walking, because it is a long haul from Cardiac Rehab (where we pick up our assignments) to the new Heart Center. However, the hardness of the corridors pretty much hammers any joy out of the walking. A local TV station did run a very nice feature this morning on the volunteer work we do with Mended Hearts; it was much appreciated. There is often joy in the visiting when a patient indicates your stopping-in made a different for him or her. (As one of the TV interview subjects, I did not resemble any heartthrob actor.)

Then, while doing other errands, I got a SOS that I am needed to transport my grandkids to distant soccer practices even as the threat of a new round of rain looms overhead. That will take us into early evening, and leave me just enough time to write a business letter and an article for my free-lance job. (Okay, news flash: Now, soccer's off, but the afternoon is almost gone, and there is this infernal computer beckoning me.)

Somehow, amid all this hubbub, Sadie and I squeezed in a 20-minute neighborhood walk. She had begun to sulk around the house under the impression she was going to be deprived of an outing today. We saw nothing memorable except I did see the tiny fidgety birds by the ponds again, and decided they sure do look like Blue-gray Gnatcatchers. (See yesterday's blog.)  The blue and the gray -- just think of these as War Between the States' birdies.)

Finally, looming over everything is the specter of tax-filing deadline. I would much rather be walking or even writing, but I have to gather those receipts and crunch those numbers. This blog is politics-free, but this time of year I do think the idea of being able to file a tax return on a postcard sounds terrific.

Anyway, it was a struggle, but we did get in something of a walk, and that is important. Memo to myself: Treat yourself and the Superdawg to a long walk on the beach the next sunny day that comes along.

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