Thursday, February 14, 2013

Counting Birds and Blessings on St. Valentine's Day

Maybe it is the looming income tax deadline that makes life seem so hectic the first quarter of the year. There are pleasant interludes -- St. Valentine's Day is certainly one of them -- but the pace seems terribly fast at times.

Now, I've just learned that I have all the preliminary tests and doctors' appointments leading up to a total knee replacement surgery April 9. Although it is something I have been anticipating for years, and  a procedure I need in order to continue being a walker, the start of the countdown adds another element of urgency on the lengthening "to-do" list.

I will blog about the surgery and particularly the recovery and rehabilitation. Viewed hopefully, my experiences may help others who are facing orthopedic challenges as they age.

Thank goodness for birdwatching and dogwalking. They are essential mental-health breaks. Starting at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, the Great Backyard Bird Count will be underway. I prepared today by mounting one block of peanut suet and another of berry suet, to go with the usual seeds, cracked corn, nuts, and water. I tried out the binoculars and watched Carolina Chickadees and a Brown-headed Nuthatch eagerly dig in to the fresh supplies.

On our walk, Superdawg and I again saw the Great Blue Heron at the pond, along with a Double-breasted Cormorant going underwater in search of food.

We're ready. We will watch some at the feeders, and then look for more on the walk. And for a while  taxes and surgery will be off the radar screen.

© Robert G. Holland  2013

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