Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sacked by the Super Bowl

Going in to today's Super Bowl, I had lost 4.4 pounds for 2013. After the huge layout of food we had for our family party and after five hours of watching a fairly exciting game, the usual garish halftime show, and even a  partial power blackout, I have to wonder if I have gained it all back and then some. My morning walk with Superdawg was perfunctory. My knee still ached from yesterday's excess mall-walking. Sadie seemed to sense it and so didn't push me.

Tomorrow I will need to get back on track. A pig-out for a game that (mercifully) comes only once a year isn't terrible unless it marks the beginning of a reversion to bad eating habits. We will need a good walk to put football behind us and to start thinking of the start of baseball just around the corner now.

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