Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crunch Time: Hanging on to 30 Minutes a Day

Yesterday I received the good news that a writing client wants a lengthy report from me on a complicated subject completed before the end of March. I say "good news" because as an old newspaperman (back when we were called that) I work best with deadlines. And as a semi-retired guy who has a modest pension, I need the work.

The downside is that this assignment will cut into my blogging time for a while, as will continued preparation for my total knee replacement in April. No way will I suspend blogging altogether, because I like chronicling my views on staying active as we age. Instead, this is how I will discipline myself: I will walk a half-hour with Superdawg (that's about as long as my rapidly deteriorating knee will stand right now), and then I will blog my thoughts for a half-hour. That will leave me plenty of time for the mandatory work. As we get into the surgery and especially the rehab afterwards, I will write at greater length, in the hope that my experiences might be valuable to others seeking to enhance mobility.

So today, Sadie and I took a brisk little walk under mostly clear skies, with temperatures rising into the 60s. Spring is definitely in the air. We saw folks working in their yards, walking their yappy little dogs (rarely does sweet Sadie yap back at them), playing with their kids at the recreation center, and generally prepping for what no doubt will be backyard cookouts. As far as sightings, we saw a gorgeous redhead jogging and she smiled at us ... (wait, wait, that's not the kind of birdwatching we're suppose to be about; maybe I should wear blinders?). A Mockingbird zipped by us into a tree. Is nesting time near? And then we saw what is becoming one of my favorite birds -- the Cormorant.

I never became acquainted with the Cormorant until we moved to coastal Carolina. It is amazing how this guy can dive underwater and stay there for at least a few minutes in search of a meal of fine little fish. I don't do much fishing, but I am tempted to take it up and use the Cormorant as my guide. If the fishing bird has staked out a spot and is coming up with regular catches, it will be time to throw out my line and seek some hits myself.

Even though this will be a half-hour daily blog for the next three or four weeks, without much of the research I like to incorporate, I will keep re-posting it on Facebook, because some of my friends have said they like to read about my walking adventures. Those of you who think it's silly or frivolous can just go on by in the passing lane.

Happy trails!

© Robert G. Holland  2013

For those of you who would like to learn more about the Double-crested Cormorant, here is a link to the always informative "All About Birds" of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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