Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Starting Blocks: Mastered and Done

This evening, I asked Superdawg if she'd like to go for a walk. Instead of going nuts at the mention of w-a-l-k, she looked at me quizzically, as if to say, "Old man, you've been worthless the past five weeks. Any walks for me have been courtesy of your grown "pup," Bobby. Why should I believe you want to walk out that door?"

Her skepticism evaporated when I slipped the collar and leash on her. It was our first walk since April 8, the day before my knee replacement. In response to my persistent requests, the chief physical therapist finally said I could walk Sadie for maybe 10 or 15 minutes at a time -- so long as I took care not to fall. (Not to worry.)

It turned out that was sufficient time for the first outing anyway, because Sadie got spooked at the sounds of multiple motorcycles (this is Bike Week along the Grand Strand) and wanted to head back home. Maybe the sound reminded her of summer fireworks, her bete noir.  So it was just a few blocks but it was a start. Now we can dream of ever-longer hikes to come as the bionic knee steadily kicks in with more strength and flexibility.

© Robert G. Holland  2013

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