Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Tropical Storm Zipped By, But Pace of Life Remains Slow

Tropical Storm Andrea zipped through the Grand Strand Thursday night and early Friday morning depositing 3 to 5 inches of rain but doing little damage. Indeed, the most noticeable impact at our abode was that it blew off a dead frond from a palm that I had been meaning to trim anyway. The storm's subtropical 40 mph winds didn't take out any area trees that I saw, only twigs.

Somehow, though, Andrea threw my blogging for a loop. Maybe I spent too much time looking out the window at the occasionally torrential rain. I have always had a fascination with storms. But maybe it helped put me in a melancholy mood. The weather hasn't been prime for walking, given the stifling humidity both before and after the storm. The saddest happening was a local teen-ager trying to surf near Cherry Grove beach with his brother during the dangerous conditions and then disappearing into the turbulent ocean -- leaving nothing but his surfboard for his would-be rescuers to find in their first day of searching. It is a tragedy whenever this happens; I so wish the word would get around universally about the need to  respect the mighty power of the sea, including the rip currents and undertow.

Maybe the storm has spooked her, or the heat and humidity deter her, but Superdawg has not been an agreeable walking companion lately. Tonight she would go only a few houses down before wanting to return to the house. Yesterday, I drove her to a pleasant shaded area for our walk and at first she didn't even want to leave the backseat.

 I hope this is just the product of a passing bad mood, but I suppose I have to recognize that Sadie at age 12 is reaching an elderly stage for her golden breed. I must be considerate of her and preserve fun time for her, while doing alternative exercise for myself. I actually walked a bit a few evenings ago by myself, which felt strange given that Sadie has been my constant companion for more than a decade. I have been doing my knee exercises faithfully, and it is time to start workouts in the community exercise room and pool.

Surely happier days will come on the trails before long. Maybe I can force myself out of bed and see if Sadie would be more enthusiastic about an early-morning walk.

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