Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adding the Aqua Dimension (Finally) to the Summer Routine

Credit the grandkids with finally getting shy me in the community pool. They talked me into one of the post-supper dips that we called a "polar-bear plunge" when we did it last October. This June, it felt even colder than last fall because the sun had disappeared behind thick clouds and a cool breeze was blowing.

The fast-swimming kiddos (or maybe they are dolphins?) didn't get cold at all. But I had to get out and wrap up after a half-hour. However, during the time in the water, my knee felt terrific doing some aqua jogging. Trying to do the kicking integral to swimming felt somewhat weird, on the other hand. Swimming should come with time, but in the meantime just moving in the water is definitely therapeutic, post-knee replacement.

Aqua exercise is a natural complement to the PT stretching, walking, and exercise biking I've been doing. Viewed hopefully, I can count on the grandkids to keep recruiting me for relaxing visits to the pool. And if all goes well, I soon will have the sweet granddaughter now living in Tennessee here also to join us. Maybe they will inspire me to make a "Workin' Out With the Grands" exercise video for geezers, who knows?

I just hope the sun is still out the next time we go.

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