Sunday, June 30, 2013

When a Swimsuit Becomes Best Attire for a Walk

"Soupy" is the word that keeps popping in my mind to describe our recent spell of tropical showers and thunderstorms. "Soggy" would certainly fit as well. Basically, night or day, you are never more than a half-hour from a torrential downpour and/or a thunderstorm, it seems.

This pattern has persisted the past several days, and is forecast to linger through the upcoming week that features Independence Day. The Weather Channel reports that some places along the Carolina coast could receive 5 to 10 inches of rain before steady sunshine returns.

It is a challenge to be a dawgwalker in these circumstances, especially if your companion is Sadie the Superdawg. The faintest sound of thunder sets off her internal alarms. I was awakened at 6 a.m. today by her heavy panting caused by a distant thunderstorm that never made it to our neighborhood. Yesterday we had a couple of tornado warnings, with a smaller twister actually causing some damage near Socastee, a community about 10 miles south of here. If we ever have to rush into what passes for our "safe room" (in the absence of a basement), I wonder what Sadie's reaction will be. She might well be the first one into the closet.

Getting in a proper dawgwalk in the soupy humidity is a challenge; however, the recent thick cloudiness has been helpful in one respect. Humidity may be 85 percent, with the dewpoint well up into the 70s, but at least we don't have the sun bearing down on us. (I am sure the vacationers who are invested heavily in a Fourth of July week at the beach have a very different outlook on sunless days.)

This morning, we set out when it looked as though the clouds would open up at any moment. However, there were no sounds of thunder and we didn't have to worry about seeking shady spots for our route. Soon it did begin to drizzle, and we were, yes, soggy by the time we returned home. As I've written before, that is not necessarily a bad thing to be during a South Carolina summer.

As I write this, a steady drip-drip-drip continues out back, but it is not keeping the cardinals and chickadees from enjoying their sunflower seeds. Sadie is at my feet because there were distant sounds of thunder 10 minutes ago. The ominous sounds have ceased for now, but are certain to return. We could have some big boomers again this afternoon because the conditions are right. But at least we have gotten in our daily walk.

For the rest of the week, I am thinking about wearing my swimsuit on our walks because it very well may be the most appropriate attire in this never-ending humidity bath.

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