Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well, Every Dog Needs a Day Off Once in a While

Some of my friends thought this was pretty funny: less than 24 hours after my blogpost about Sadie dog being my constant companion for the past 12 years, Superdawg decided she not only wanted to visit at my son's house, but preferred to sleep there instead of coming home. She couldn't be budged. Always before, she had trotted home after a visit, and curled up happily in her bed beside my bed.

It felt strange and a bit sad to have that empty bed beside me last night. Meanwhile, I understand Sadie slept curled up under my daughter-in-law's computer and got some quality rest also in the grandchildren's rooms. I couldn't help but feel somewhat jilted. Was Superdawg punishing me for dropping her off at the vet's for the day to be bathed and groomed? Was she irked by my staying on the computer entirely too much? Or maybe she was spooked by some nasty summer insect that unbeknownst to me had gotten into the house?

Most likely, it had to do with her being somewhat under the weather, with some stomach upset, probably related to the heat. She probably felt like she needed a getaway to recuperate. I'm just glad she didn't barf on their furniture. Anyway, she's back home tonight, and seems to feel better.

We both took a day off from walking today. I did 30 minutes on an exercise bicycle. Also, yesterday I got a very good report from my orthopedic surgeon in the 3-month follow-up to my total knee replacement. He pronounced all my range of motion "outstanding," and said my next appointment with him (barring any setback) would not be until next April. Now it's up to me to ward off complacence and keep up the exercise.

Meanwhile, better late than never, I found a terrific "Knee Owner's Manual" on Amazon, and it arrived the other day. I will write about some of the great ideas in this handbook (or "kneebook,"shall we call it?) in the next few days. One of the authors had replacements done of both knees simultaneously -- with a different surgeon for each knee. Wow, that makes me weak in the knees just thinking about it!

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